Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Personalized Card for My Dad

 Quilled arrowhead.
The glue was still wet when I took the picture!
I was a little late with this, but I was trying to send something handmade from me to my Dad for his birthday. He is an interesting person and if you follow me on Pinterest, you can see some of his handywork that he does knapping arrowheads and creating handmade knives. I couldn't quite decide what to make because I wanted something manly, so then I thought about making an arrowhead. VOILA! Not sure if it looks good enough, but I think he'll get the!

Then on the inside, I put a goofy quote..."Make it a point to have a great one!"  I know, I know.....
Anyway, I think it turned out macho enough and hopefully he will like it!


  1. Your Daddy fell in love with this! Mama


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