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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Innova's Natures Table Chicken and Turkey Dogfood

I first mixed some of the dog food with my dogs regular food and they loved it! After a few times, I let them eat it and they loved it! I haven't noticed my dogs chewing at their hair and skin as much so it seems to have calmed their irritation. They have been satisfied and clean the bowl! The food is small bits and easy to eat and has no grains. It includes chicken and turkey with fruits and veggies. I love that it is good for them. Although I would love to switch permanently, I won't because it's too expensive. However, it mixes well with my dogs regular lamb and rice formula and would be a great mix in!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Reminder of the Important Things in Life

As I went to let the dogs out this morning, I noticed something odd. The toy that Little Man threw in the pool yesterday caught my eye.  There sitting on top was the cutest thing!  It was a frog sitting there- just hanging on for dear life.  I took some pictures and gently lifted it out to safety.  I think that was a subtle reminder for me to keep taking notice of other things in life and not always focus on myself.  Keep looking for others in need and be there for them- to help them.  

Retirement Card in Blue

It's quiet this morning.  My oldest is already gone to school and my youngest and hubby are still sleeping.  I just finished a card for a person who is retiring at my husbands office. I used scrapbook paper for the card and covered it with blue striped paper. I then used quilling strips in navy blue to accent. The flower petals are one full light blue strip with a quarter of a navy blue added, crimped, rolled into a coil and pinched. The leaves and stem are simply green strips crimped as well. On the inside, I wrapped the blue striped paper around and printed out the sentiment for the right side. Hope you enjoy! Fairly simple ��

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tutorial for Making a Quilled Heart

So I found an app on my IPad called Touchcast.  After playing around a little, I decided I would give it a try to see if I could do a tutorial.  I chose to make a simple heart out of two tear drops.  Here is the tutorial. I apologize for the little bit of trouble I had getting my pictures to disappear in the tutorial...
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