Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Quilled Beach Themed Letter “R”

I was honored to make a special birthday gift for a persons Mom. How I love making these beach scened letters… I make these letters with 1/2″ hand cut paper strips and carefully place them with my handy dandy tweezers until they resemble a beautiful beach sunrise…I love the creamy yellow background although sometimes in the pictures it turns out a little darker than it really is.

I want to think that this would give someone a lot of pleasure looking at it everyday and thinking of the beach….Can’t you just hear the sound of the waves gently lapping and feel the gentle breeze tugging at your hair?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Insight into the Artist

I realize I haven’t really introduced myself. I’d much rather show you my creative endeavors or give my opinions…😂. However, I will indulge in hopes of you getting to know me better….

First and foremost, I am a wife and mother of two. My family has always come first, but now that my children (15 and soon to be 19) are older, I’ve been able to delve into my love of art. I love creating and the process that comes with every new thing I try. My latest passions are paper, alcohol ink, and digital drawing. Paper is so versatile and you can do so many things with it once you figure out its secrets. With alcohol ink, the possibilities are endless as well and I have lately intertwined the two in a fun and unique way. Digital drawing allows me to use my art to radiate positivity which I think the world needs more of.

I am a former middle school music teacher. I had about 11 yrs of experience teaching grades 6-8 choral and general music education classes as well as directing a show choir. Then after making our big move from NC to Florida, I wanted a change, so I applied for a teachers assistant position at a preschool where I could have more time with my own children. Let me tell you, regardless of what age and what subject you teach, you will always learn something from children and I absolutely love that I am able to instill the love for knowledge, school, and life. My heart is full knowing that I’ve helped them become successful and lifelong learners….

A second thing about me is that I love giving my opinion. It seems the older I get, the more I’ve decided that I like to speak my mind about things. 😂 I love trying out new products and giving feedback to others. I think companies are trying to listen to consumers more, but they tend to give up too quickly on a product or get rid of fabulous products to rotate in newer ones. I’m okay with that sometimes, but it seems like a lot of the times my husband and I go out one day to buy something we’ve used forever and it’s disappeared! So, I’m off to find new products that work as well as my old one.

Hopefully I haven’t bored you, I’m not all that exciting, but it’s always intriguing to meet who’s behind the keyboard and it’s been nice meeting so many others who blog or love to read blogs….