Saturday, June 13, 2015

Band-Aid Friction Block Review

I usually recieve free products to sample and review, but this was such an amazing product, I had to share...
After getting blisters from flip flops my first day in Vegas, I switched shoes- which happened to be a new pair of heels. They were an expensive pair that were supposed to be a soft comfy leather. I had band-aids covering my existing blisters and they were older so they weren't sticking or staying in place so I ventured into the nearest pharmacy to get more band aids. I happened to come across this product and was desperate, so i purchased it. The next morning, I applied it to my pinky toes, my heels, and across the top where I had tender spots from my other shoes. By afternoon, I started to feel a little tender, so I reapplied. I did this every day for the next 4 days. When I returned home, I found tiny blisters on my pinky toes and that was it! This stuff saved my feet! I only had the new heels to wear for those four days and this stuff was amazing! I highly recommend for new shoes or before walking a long time or distance. What a treasure! Thanks Band-Aid!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Take the Old and Create the New...again!

After I turned my daughters pajama pants into shorts, I wondered what I could do with the leg fabric that I had cut off. Well, my preschoolers have a grocery tote bag that they like to play with and we've wanted to get more so they wouldn't have to share.  Problem solved! I simply turned it inside out and sewed one opening shut.  For the handle, I just cut a long enough strip to add to the top and folded one side into the center, folded over the other side on top like a brochure and then pinned it and sewed it.  I then sewed it into the top sides of the bag and voila!  A grocery tote bag!

Take the Old and Create the New.

My daughter has grown so much the last few years.  We haven't bought her any new pajama pants in a while because she was just wearing everyday shorts while it was hot.  Come winter time, she tried on her old pants and they were too long to be capris and too short to be pants.  Instead of going out and wasting money buying more, I decided to cut them off and make them into shorts.  I brought out my dusty sewing machine, cut them off and sewed a hem into the bottom.  It wasn't very difficult and made something bend new!  (The actual hard part was remembering how to thread the machine and refill and replace the bobbin!)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Bona Hardwood Floor Wet Cleaning Pads

I received another great product to try (#gotitfree and #smiley360) and this time it's was for my hardwood floors.  It doesn't matter what you do, but if you're like me you always are short on time.  I was able to try Bona's Hardwood Floor Cleaning wipes.  They come in a resealable bag and are easy to affix to any other brands cleaning tools.  I love that they're disposable and are a quick cleanup.  The only downside I found is that tend to dry out fairly quickly, but it's about the same as other brands cleaning brands,  I had some kind of sticky residue on one spot and it came up quite effortlessly.  I used three pads on my formal living room and formal dining room. It even picked up dirt and dog hair I missed with my dry cleaning pad. Give it go- sure made my life more simple!

• Quick, convenient, and easy cleaning
• Safe for all wood floors
• Dries fast, no dulling residue
• Same great Bona® cleaning performance in an easy to use disposable pad
• Press lock seal for product longevity and easy storage pouch
Developed with Velcro locking strips for convenient attachment and removal when cleaning. Flexible pouch packaging contains 75% less plastic than the leading competitor brand.
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Click here for more information about Bona® Hardwood Floor Wet Cleaning Pads 
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