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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Time is Near…

I was fortunate enough to earn enough points from a company for scanning my purchases to earn a gift card. As an early Christmas present for myself, I used it to purchase a heat embossing kit that included a heat gun, two embossing pens, and gold powder. Oh, my I can’t tell you how much fun it is to draw or write, sprinkle the magic powder, and then watch as it miraculously turns gold and shiny! 

I made an embossed card first and wrote Merry Christmas on green card stock using the clear embossing pen. Then I used the clear and the black embossing pens over the top of the flourishes. I then added the embossing powder and ran the heat gun over and viola! Instant glitzy card… 

Not too bad for a first try…. 

Then I decided to make my own Christmas cards for my friends and family. 

I used snowflake images from design space for my Cricut. The big one is Snowflake 11 and the little one is Snowflake 2 from the Holiday Snowflakes Cartridge and are all in Cricut access. There are like 50 different ones from that and they’re all layered from what I can tell. They’re intricate, but if you cut them on the custom setting card stock- intricate, they should cut out ok. The picture shows the layers…

I then used a Merry Christmas stamp and an embossing pen to write my sentiment with several different embossing powders to make as many variations as I could. 

I love the many different ways you can use the same elements to make cards! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Quilled Poinsettia Ornament

I decided on a whim to buy a styrofoam form while checking out our new Hobby Lobby store that just opened. I had wanted to make a quilled ornament ball for a while, but didn’t want to make just a regular ball. Here was the perfect solution! 

I started out by making my poinsettia first and pinning it onto the foam shape. Then I started with the gold edging around the side. 

Once I had the edging and poinsettia in place, I could fill in with the white beehive technique. 

Once I finished the first side, then I started the opposite side. 

It took somewhere between 5-6 hrs to complete, but I must say well worth the time and experimentation to make! 

Hope you enjoy!


Sunday, October 2, 2016

October is Here…

I wanted to do some fall craft items and as I was looking around in my local craft store, I found these awesome wood cut outs on sale. I figured if I painted or stained them, I could fill them with quilling. 

So I did…

After staining and painting them, I then filled the blank spaces with quilling. 

Aren’t they really neat? I love the way the turned out. It just gives a completely different look.

Happy Fall Y’all! 


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

C is for Pine Trees and Mountains

I was asked to make a "C" for a couples first anniversary.  The customer asked for some pine trees because they enjoyed camping.  Because of where they lived, I wanted to make it special for them.  Where you ask? Wyoming... So I decided  to incorporate the mountains and a river, too.  I first outlined the letter C and then proceeded to fill it in with the background paper.  After I put that into place, I put in the outline and started  filling in the trees and the river. 

Please excuse the desk... The white bowl is what I put glue into to dip the edge of my paper in before I place it onto the background. 

Here it is completely framed... 

Have a wonderful day!