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Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentines Day-Recycled Crayon Cards

So if you’re like me and have older kids, you might have 50 million crayons laying around your house. A few years ago, as we were purging toys to donate, I found crayons everywhere. The kids are now 17 and 13 and were ready to just throw them away (which of course being the hoarder I am, I couldn’t).  I had already at one point made shaped crayons(posted Here), but didn’t use half of what we had. So today I came up with a brilliant idea of making Valentines cards with old crayons. The cards are for my 2 yr olds in our preschool, so they don’t care what the crayons look like.

I definitely had enough to hand out! I found cute Valentines cards using crayons on the Cricut access here and added a fourth one (a bee) for good measure.

So, here are some of the final cards for my little ones to color for Valentines…I hope you like it! (And I also hope I’m not the only one with such a vast collection of old crayons…)

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Quilled Breast Cancer Ribbon

A friend of mine had previously gone through breast cancer. Since then, she has participated in the Relay for Life to celebrate her win against that battle and to help raise money for others. She asked if I would make something for her to auction off, so I did.

I decided to paint an 11×14″ canvas with pearlescent pink and opaque, glittery paints. I applied them by dabbing with circular sponges except where I had applied vinyl cut outs for the words, hearts, and ribbon. Once it had dried, I peeled off the vinyl and I used 1/2″ hand cut strips to outline the ribbon and 1/8″ precut quilling strips to outline the words and hearts. I then filled in the Ribbon with flowers and swirls, while using the beehive technique to fill in the hearts  and words. I then used the glitter paint to go over the top of the quilled parts to give them a sparkly effect as well.

I hope you love the way it turned out, and I hope this helps a great cause. Too many people I know have had to fight some type of cancer…

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Quilling Coloring Page Free for Download

I’ve been having so much fun drawing lately. I wanted to make some coloring pages for anyone who might be interested…the first was for those who quill. A little glue, paper, and a quilling tool. 

Hope you enjoy 😊 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Painted Princess

My painted princess is of the canine variety. I’m sure you were expecting a Disney princess, but mine is of the black lab/greyhound variety. 

One day, I was able to capture the sweetest picture of her while she was resting on the couch beside me. I very rarely get good pics of her as she is so dark and her features are hard to discern. Plus I’m not that great of a photographer….lol. 

This morning, I wanted to play around and see if I could paint her on the Procreate App and somehow capture her features. Here is the result of my attempts. 

I’ve also attached a video, of how I painted her in time lapse.

I would love some feedback ☺️