Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Best Damn Turkey Marinate

Every Thanksgiving we spend a day prepping and preparing food for our Thanksgiving feast. Don’t get me wrong, I am no chef. I don’t even really like to cook. However, my family knows food and we love to eat so when we find a recipe that we really love, I try and save it.

For about 4 years, hubby has fried a turkey and to me, once we went there, it was no going back. The flavor is to die for, the tenderness on the inside,and the crispness on the outside just make it exceptional.

We’ve tried quite a few marinate injections and finally decided on this one. It’s got the best flavor and you don’t have to season the outside of the turkey. It’s just overkill if you do.

The beer you ask? I don’t like beer, but man in this recipe it’s amazing.Oh, and don’t let the amount of Tabasco sauce fool you….it’s just enough to tickle your taste buds.

Let me know what you think if you try it….

SAFETY NOTES- 1) Do NOT put a frozen turkey in hot oil. Thaw at least four days beforehand. If it’s even remotely questionable, just don’t! Not unless you want to get the firemen to come. It’s not pretty….trust me. 2) Put the turkey in slooooowwww and wear a heat protectant glove. 3) Make sure your oil is regulated and you check the temp frequently. 4) Have questions about how to fry a turkey? Follow this link…

Here is the link for the marinate recipe…

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Fall is Here…

One thing I loved living in NC is the time of year as the leaves change colors. You knew it was a sign for cooler weather and all things pumpkin. I am a huge lover of pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice cake, and creamer. Now that I’m in Florida, it’s still pretty much summer time so I am grateful when the creamer comes in to the store and I can start working on fall quilled pieces.

I had some wooden embellishments left from the craft store I had purchased last year, so I completed them and I love how they look hanging in the house. I have some listed in my Etsy store as well…

Here are some pictures of the pieces I have made…hope you enjoy. I incorporated the leaves change of colors and the bright pumpkin orange.