Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dance Teacher and Staff Appreciation Card

Quilled ballet shoe with quilled flowers
Since being home with my son who is sick, I took a few minutes to put together the card for the dance studio.   

I used 1/8th width quilling paper for the pointe shoe, rose, leaves, borders, and flower.  The words I just printed out using Microsoft Works and for the polka dot paper, I used some scrapbook paper and scalloped edge scissors.

Dancer Teacher poem on quilled card

    On the inside of the card, I used a poem called "Eyes Upon A Dance Teacher" from this website .  It is a site that has a lot of dance teacher poems.  I changed it by taking out the reference to a "little girl" to make it less "little girl" since my daughter has gotten older.  There are some great poems on this site.

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