Thursday, June 8, 2017

Quilled Dancer Series

If you’ve been following me the past year, you might remember a piece I quilled called the Tiny Tap Dancer. A Mom of a new dancer asked if I could make a memoir of her daughter for her first recital. Being a dance Mom, I was happy to take on the challenge of recreating her costume. I started out with a little girl and slowly started quilling the basic outfit and added embellishments, including glitter and tulle to complete the costume. The Mom was so happy, she asked if I would do it again the following year, to start a tradition. I was thrilled! Here is the first in the series…

This year, I was given a new picture-this time in a costume reminiscent of Minnie with white polka dots and black tulle. I changed the hair a bit and quilled the dress in red with white polka dots. I then used two pearl jewels for the white dots on the body. For the gloves, I used Tulip pearlescent paint and I cut a slip of black tulle for the underlay. The tights are a dark metallic gray so that you can differentiate between the tulle and the shoes. I love how she turned out and I love the challenge of recreating such a special moment for her family! 

If you are interested in me creating something for you please contact me…

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