Sunday, October 18, 2015

My experience with my first craft show...

You know how it goes- your friends,family, and neighbors all say how beautiful your work is. "You could sell these!" Or "I know a lot of people who would buy these!"  Then, in the back of your mind you say,"Hmmmm- would it really sell?" Well, two people convinced me to be a vendor at a craft show and since it was for a church for a small fee, I thought, "Okay, why not give it a try?"  So I did. 😳. I researched about what I needed and made a list and these things happened: my computer crashed..a printer stopped working, and the night before the sale, I bought a card reader so it would be more convenient to buyers. I waited until after my sons karate class to open the box and the reader wasn't there!  Someone had stole it! The store had already closed, and wouldn't open until the festival started the next morning!  Luckily, I found one in stock at another store an hour earlier the next morning. 

Here are some products I had ready along with my framed quilled pictures...

After all the panic of wondering if I was ready and waking up at 4:00 that morning (afraid I would oversleep) I went and everything went great. I met some fabulous people, received a lot of compliments for my work and actually sold some things!  I even quilled two snowflakes there on site, so they could see how they were made.  Will I do it again? Probably- it was a learning experience and I know that I need to do things a little differently next time.  Will I panic next time? Maybe not, I know what to expect now...
The night before, I came up with this beauty and listed it as customizable and it was my biggest piece to sell!

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  1. Another gorgeous letter! So pretty!
    I did craft shows for many, many years! The night before is always short! lol
    I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that you'll do it again! :o)


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