Friday, October 2, 2015

Dancing Dragonflies

For those of you who have been on Pinterest, you know how you come across something so wonderful and you have to save it to your page. Well, I was looking for pictures of dragonflies to get an idea of something I could quill and came across this fantastic abstract picture of two dragonflies.  I have to give credit to a wonderfully talented artist who creates these abstract "doodles". Her name is Trisha Larson and she makes amazing drawings.  If you like this picture and are interested in more of her work, you can purchase the different books online or even download them there on the spot. is where you can find the link to the book that contains the drawing I used, but there are many more to choose from whether you want to color the traditional way or quill them.  They are amazing! Here is the picture quilled. Enjoy- and check out her artwork!

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