Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Fun Side of Having Children... And a Dirty Truck!

 How many times have you sat down in your car or truck and looked around only to be grossed out from the condition of your seats and floorboard?  After little man had the flu the week before ( that was another fun time), I was all geared up to get back into the routine.  You know- work, taxi-driving, etc...  Anyway, as I sat down in my truck I took a really hard look around.  I cleaned out a few empty drink bottles, three jackets, karate equipment, and some dance stuff and was able to really check out my seats.  I was horrified!  I have tan leather seats and all the times that my kids have slid in all sweaty, they had literally turned them almost black!  
Well, I didn't want to spend a couple hundred dollars on getting the truck detailed, so when I went to the store I picked up a canister of ArmorAll leather wipes.  I was hesitant to see how they would work, but it was well worth it.  To clean four captain chairs, I used the whole canister which contains 20 wipes.  I must admit, they turned out much better than I expected.  
Here is where you can see the before.  I cleaned the bottom right section so you can see the difference.

Here is the after picture.  Not too bad ....just lots of elbow grease! :)

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