Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pinterest craze...

It's official!  I have been sucked into yet another craze!  PINTEREST!!!  It is totally amazing with all the pictures and topics available.  If you haven't checked into it yet, you should.  It's not like facebook or my myspace.  It is a worthwhile, informational and exciting website and app.
I am a visual learner and for me pictures are a thousand words.  I have spent many times just browsing and I have found recipes galore, preschool crafts and activities, and pictures of things that just fascinate me! Check it out at http://pinterest.com.  You have to have an invite, but it's painless and well worth it!
Pinterest Logo  A side note - I tried to invite a friend and she couldnt sign up because she doesnt do facebook or twitter!  Just FYI!!

http://pinterest.com/jenster1171/  This is my personal page!

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  1. One thing I recently found out is that I have a friend who wants to be on pinterest, but she can't because she doesn't have a Facebook or Twitter account! That kind of stinks!


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