Thursday, March 22, 2012

Magic Eraser does it again!

Mr.Clean® Magic Eraser® Original

I don't really like to clean. I do feel great though when I get's just the process bugs me! Anyway, I had two projects that I had to get done this past week. One was to wash up our old suburban we are trying to sell and the other was to clean my stainless steel fridge doors covered in tea stains. While washing my truck, I found several black markings and asphalt tac streaks that wouldnt come off. I figured what the heck, I will just try the magic eraser, test it and see it comes off. Well, all of it came off without messing up the paint and I even got crazy and used it on my wheels,too! My truck looked brand new! Amazing stuff! As for the fridge, I used my same old stainless steel cleaner and it didn't touch the tea stains that were all the way down the front of the doors! Now we are true southerners and we drink lots of tea! The problem is that two kids just pour and go! My smart husband then said...try the magic eraser! Just test it on the side and see if it leaves a residue or messes up the finish. It didn' I tried it on one really bad stain and it looked as good as new! After wiping down the fridge with the magic eraser and getting all the stains off, I just took a wet cloth back over it and cleaned it again with the regular cleaner to make sure I didn't leave any magic eraser on it. I am so amazed at what these erasers do! Do you have any success stories other than what we know they can already do?

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