Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentines Day-Recycled Crayon Cards

So if you’re like me and have older kids, you might have 50 million crayons laying around your house. A few years ago, as we were purging toys to donate, I found crayons everywhere. The kids are now 17 and 13 and were ready to just throw them away (which of course being the hoarder I am, I couldn’t).  I had already at one point made shaped crayons(posted Here), but didn’t use half of what we had. So today I came up with a brilliant idea of making Valentines cards with old crayons. The cards are for my 2 yr olds in our preschool, so they don’t care what the crayons look like.

I definitely had enough to hand out! I found cute Valentines cards using crayons on the Cricut access here and added a fourth one (a bee) for good measure.

So, here are some of the final cards for my little ones to color for Valentines…I hope you like it! (And I also hope I’m not the only one with such a vast collection of old crayons…)

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