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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentine's Day Quilling

I managed to make two Valentine's Day quilled pieces in two very distinct and different techniques.  The first was using my cricut to cut out the word love. (Did I mention my wonderful hubby gave me one for Christmas?)  I did a double layer cut out and then quilled around the inner layer with a matching pink 1/8' strip.  For the hearts, I just free handed cut and glued them on and then used the spiral technique to go around the edge of the hearts.  I wanted to experiment more with the spiral technique, so I did...
 This is the result of my experiment.  Lots and LOTS of spirals glued into place.  It is an 8x8' piece and I admit the curves and maintaining the spiral consistency was a challenge.  It was a fun and challenging piece...
The beginning drawing...
Coming along...
A close up...
Almost Done
A close up of the finished quilling...

Doesn't that look nice on the top of my desk?

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  1. Hokey Dinah, Jennifer! That's absolutely incredible! I love seeing the fabulous creations you make! Wow!!
    What kind of Cricut did you get? Yay for you! :o)

    1. Lol- Thanks :). He bought me the Cricut Explore Air....I'm in love with all the things I can do with it! I'll post later some things I have done with it. I have to wait until the pieces have been opened by their recipients. I don't want to ruin the surprise! Thanks for visiting !


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