Saturday, June 13, 2015

Band-Aid Friction Block Review

I usually recieve free products to sample and review, but this was such an amazing product, I had to share...
After getting blisters from flip flops my first day in Vegas, I switched shoes- which happened to be a new pair of heels. They were an expensive pair that were supposed to be a soft comfy leather. I had band-aids covering my existing blisters and they were older so they weren't sticking or staying in place so I ventured into the nearest pharmacy to get more band aids. I happened to come across this product and was desperate, so i purchased it. The next morning, I applied it to my pinky toes, my heels, and across the top where I had tender spots from my other shoes. By afternoon, I started to feel a little tender, so I reapplied. I did this every day for the next 4 days. When I returned home, I found tiny blisters on my pinky toes and that was it! This stuff saved my feet! I only had the new heels to wear for those four days and this stuff was amazing! I highly recommend for new shoes or before walking a long time or distance. What a treasure! Thanks Band-Aid!

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