Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Frustrated with Google+

Okay, I've spent quite a bit of time now using Google+ with my blog and it has been horrible.  If you use Internet Explorer then you can't see comments, can't comment, much less read comments!  I have taken the Google+ association off!  DONE!  I loved having it all connected, but it's frustrating trying to keep up with comments...Anyone else have trouble with this?  Also, I found out that in order to comment, you have to have a Google+ account.  I do NOT want to force anyone to sign up on something they don't want!!!  Hopefully I can now get back to what I enjoy and sharing thoughts with you!  :)
On a side note, Hope that you had a blessed Thanksgiving and now we have to gear head first into Christmas!!  :)

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  1. Hi Jennifer!
    In theory Google+ should be of great benefit to all of us...but in practice it's total frustration! lol I think they have a few glitches to clean up before we all want to use it. Many people are having troubles! :o)


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