Sunday, January 29, 2012

Help.....please doggie people!!!

Okay, so we have this dog (named Benjie) and he'll be 2 years old in October. So far I've never had trouble potty training my kids or my other dogs. But this guy has no idea where his "bathroom" is! He's gotten better, but he still considers the hall carpet, our back patio, and our bathrooms! I am at a loss... We take him out frequently and walk until he goes most of the time. Sometimes though he will come right back inside and do it and then eats it!!!! I am at a loss.....any suggestions???


  1. My two cents... note, I have only successfully trained one dog, our current fido!

    1. Give him breakfast and dinner at a set time each day and only allow him 30 minutes to eat.
    2. 30 minutes after breakfast and dinner, take him outside to do his business. I recommend leashing and guiding him to "the spot" you want him to do his business.
    3. After 15 minutes, if he hasn't gone potty, come back in. Don't confuse outside walking and playing with potty time. IF he has gone potty, give him a treat!
    4. Set a timer every two hours throughout the day and take him out.
    5. Midday should be playtime, not to be confused with potty time. :)

    FINALLY!!! Hang a bell at the back door. (we have a jingle bell on a shoelace suction cupped to the door). When you get ready to take him out to go potty, first lift a front paw to ring the bell. Our dog has been using her bell for more than 18 months. It travels when she stays with friends and she uses it consistently! :)

    Hope these ideas help!

    1. Thanks for the tip, Karen! I'm excited to try this...You have a great idea about the bell! He's smart enough to figure out the command "in" for his crate. He also knows "drop" if he has something he's not supposed to. Thanks again!


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