Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Tip for Getting Your Child to Learn Important Information

One thing that I used to do with both of my kids was role playing and teaching through song. When Ashleigh was old enough to learn to sing songs somewhat, I taught her to spell her name to a melody. With my son, I did the same. I took the melody of a simple song like Skip to My Lou to spell Hunter. (Hun-ter, Hun-ter, Hun-ter...that's how you spell Hunter).

In order to learn their address and phone number, we would play Pizza Delivery. I would be the Pizza Place and they would pretend to call and order a pizza. I would say, "Hello...Pizza Palace can I take your order?" They would then pretend to hold a phone and say what kind of pizza they wanted. I would then say, "Okay, but I need your name." We would keep practicing until they knew their name, number, and address!

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