Friday, October 30, 2009

Alpha Course at Markham Woods Presbyterian

Okay! My husband and I did it...we actually survived the many weeks of Alpha at Markham Woods Presbyterian. I must say that I think my husband got more from this experience than I did, (if that's possible) but I took in a great deal, learned new things, and met some GREAT people in the process. I learned things about God and Christianity that I never understood as well as opened doors to new concepts that I still have questions about. Pastor Joe was a great leader in our small group sessions and I was in awe of my husband as he opened up in front of complete strangers ( no- you don't have to, but it was a wonderful feeling to hear his thoughts for once). I became a little closer to him (even though he may not realize it) in the process and I am excited to continue my passage on this new journey in life. We are celebrating our experience and time together Tues. Nov 3rd as well as kicking off a new alpha session for the spring of 2010.
If you are interested or in the least bit curious as to what ALPHA is all about, just check out the link and read! It was awesome and I hate that it is coming to an end....

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