Monday, March 2, 2009

Sick of Sickness

My poor household! It seems like in the last month my family has endured so much: strep, sinusitis, and an upper respiratory infection... Lysol anyone? I have sprayed, cleaned, wiped, and scrubbed to no end!I keep envisioning the time ahead when the grass will again be green, the pool will be warm, and the illnesses will be at bay. I long for the time when we can again go outside and enjoy the warmth of the Florida sunshine.My parents keep insisting we are LUCKY because it is not as cold here as it is in North Carolina. Don't get me wrong, I know very well what I'm missing because I hated the cool weather there. I remember having to bundle up with the winter winds blowing, the runny noses, the icy roads on occasion and I don't miss it at all. By living here three years now, this is by far the coldest winter here and I don't like it one bit.Everyone here seems like they are getting sick from one thing or another and with my daughter missing school I can't help but think it will affect her next week for the FCAT. Maybe we'll have enough time for her to recoup from strep this week. Rest is the best medicine they say...I hope and pray that in the next few weeks everyone will be rested up, the sun will come out for good and the cold disappears until next winter. In the meantime, Lysol will be my best friend and we will keep washing our hands until it has all passed.I wish for everyone to take care, keep warm and stay healthy!

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