Monday, July 21, 2008

Political Rambling

Today as I was sitting outside on the sidewalk watching my son and three of the other neighborhood kids playing, I saw two more kids walking down the street. Now, usually this isn't a big deal, but something seemed out of place. Finally I realized what it of the kids was wearing a home made sign out of cardboard and the other was carrying a bucket. As they got closer, I was able to read the sign. It read- Need a Car Wash? See Me.

I thought to myself, now this is something. Here we are in America with the economic situation rocky as can be,real estate dropping, and all kinds of problems, but these two boys are doing something about it. Walking down the hot edge of the road barefooted, hoping for a prospect or two, they ask if we need a car washed. I think to myself, this is what America needs. Our youth are outdoing their elders. I've seen so many youth around this area with lemonade stands, selling their old Hot Wheels door to door, not to mention volunteering and starting organizations to help those less fortunate.

What has happened to this nation where foreign countries are outperforming us and we have made ourselves virtually dependent on them? This might sound kind of lame, but if you think of the Food Networks cake contests, America is like the cakes they work so desperately to construct. A few sticks here, a little mix of icing here, and of course the beautiful designing on the outside. What we forget, somewhat like the chefs, is that if the foundation isn't solid and put together just so, it doesn't matter what the outside appears to the others. The judges cannot vote on a cake if it falls apart. If America loses it's foundations and it's solidity, then we begin to fall apart and crumble as well. Other countries are somewhat like the judges. They base their decisions on how well we are designed, but if there are issues inside, we slowly deteriorate and it won't be long before we fall.

I'm hoping that today's youth understand the complexity of the situation and that the politicians quit babbling on about how bad the other person is and focus on the task ahead!

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